Storytelling for Video

What is this storytelling for video workshop? It’s not just about a story. It’s about how you tell it, who you tell it to, what visual language you use and why. Learn the fundamentals of video storytelling and the most effective ways of delivering engaging, results-driven messages that make an impact.
My name is Tal Rimon, and I’m a journalist, video expert, director, and producer. I’m here to give you practical tools to understand and improve your visual communication with target audiences.

die richtigre Kommunikationsstrategie

Storytelling for video is the best marketing tool you don’t understand

Your company/organization/product has a fascinating story, but do you know how to tell it fascinatingly? Does your story, as you describe it, fit in with your company’s goals?

Don’t just tell me a story; story-tell it to me!

Video storytelling is how a story blends with marketing goals and is your best marketing tool.
Social video generates about 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text – so you don’t have a choice here.

You already know it; you just don’t know you know it.

Try to remember the last good video you watched. If you liked it- it was created for you! To create the same effect with your videos, you first have to understand the basics of video storytelling. Then define what you would like the video to achieve and how to accurately describe your message in a way that fits the visual medium and target audience.

Check out the competition.

By analyzing videos of you and your competitors, we will figure out how you can make your business stand out.

Let’s set your video needs.

I’ll teach you how to define your video needs and the resources you have.
We will go through the different distribution possibilities and what are the technical and styling, and content demands of each channel.
You’re not sure how to achieve the best video results with your resources or budgets? Yes, we will talk about numbers and several production options.

How to connect with your audience.

Matching a video/campaign to target groups takes understanding the do’s and don’ts, different fashions, trends and styles, cultural and historical references, etc. Once you understand those, you will be able to produce better videos.

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What storytelling for video is all about
and what you can learn in our workshop

Storytelling - the basics

Storytelling - the basics

Whether you have a video department in-house or deal with external creators, you need to know the basics.
The plot

The plot

We will learn the basic global storytelling plots and give examples for each one.
 Storytelling Video Types

Storytelling Video Types

Learn the different video types and how to recognize them.
Let's watch some Videos

Let's watch some Videos

We will watch videos and analyze them: What is the purpose of this video? What is the target audience? What do we want people to take from it?
The chanel and the message

The chanel and the message

Different distribution channels have specific technical and story structures. We will learn what the needs of the leading media are.
Video trends

Video trends

Videos, like all creative fields, are trend-influenced. We will identify global and local video trends and learn how to stay updated.
Let's define some Goals

Let's define some Goals

We will define your video goals and how to plan your messages according to those goals, mediums, and channels. We will learn to determine the text/visual message ratio.

Let’s talk about your Storytelling

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