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Using communication to steer the company, teams, applicants and customers in the right direction. Strategic at the base – credible and successful in the process. The communication strategy workshop is a training course suitable for teams and individuals who want to give their company the drive it needs. Learn the basics of targeted social media and PR work, communication goals, target groups, channels and messages. All beginnings are difficult – nothing is impossible.

Wie entwickle ich eine Kommunikationsstrategie?

The workshop for the basics of strategic communication. Our specialists will show you how to move your organization forward with the right measures.

The iniqee communication strategy workshop teaches the most important basics for successful corporate communication. Analysis, planning, goals, positioning, time management and choosing the right channels with the right resources — master the basics of corporate communication with our media training and lead your next gig to success! Our iniqee specialists will teach you the know-how, sharpen your focus and help you lay the foundations of strategic communication!
Whether you want to spread your message, launch a successful campaign or simply improve your current internal communication — with the iniqee communication strategy workshop, we give you the opportunity to achieve your goals!

Who are we — and who else is there?

Determining the point of view is the first step in the communication concept. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? – Our iniqee specialists use analysis methods to show you how to answer these questions and identify opportunities and risks at the same time. You go through this process without embellishment and discover potential. The identity of the company takes shape. The needs, opinions and behavior of stakeholders form the basis for the upcoming process. In practice, the SWOT analysis is one of the most common methods of the strategic communication planning process. Defining the communication objectives is a crucial step in this process. What should be achieved and which target groups should be addressed? What are the specific goals that I want to achieve with my strategic communication concept? The assessment of all external and internal influences on the company plays an important role here, as does our specialist knowledge of politics and current technical developments.

The right plan will make it!

Identify the core topics of your organization and communication measures that you want to communicate in a targeted manner. Whether it’s services, products or innovations — compile them and set the course for strategic communication planning. Communication policy goals are closely interwoven here. They are the basis for creating credibility and acceptance. Look — and act smartly! Think about how you want to reach your target groups and which channels are available to you. Consider the cost factor wisely and react flexibly to changes in communication technology. To be successful, the content must be tailored to the respective target group and the medium used. Make sure that the internal processes always follow the external processes — only then will all departments have understood each other correctly.

The Advantage: we are different!

Who are we? What do we do? Why are we doing this?
You will have an answer to these questions. Using the methods presented, you will develop your positioning, which is at the heart of your strategic process. You will have developed an awareness of where you are ahead of the competition. This is underpinned by explicit messages. You know exactly the tonality of your individual target groups and can adapt the density of information and approach to suit the context.

You have the goal in mind!

Formulating the right objectives can be considered tricky overall. The communication strategy workshop shows you how essential it is to define communication goals for the company. In this way, you can strengthen trust and reputation in the long term. The relevant target groups are then derived and defined. After the training, you will no longer question the usefulness of a stakeholder analysis. You know that this is a smart step. Ensure the company’s success with a system and prioritization.
Targeted and good!

Quality over quantity

Today, people think that all existing social media channels – from TikTok, Twitter/X, Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube – need to be used. The iniqee specialists know which medium should be used for which purpose and which is not. Keep an eye on your target group. Companies often get carried away and simply manage the mass of their channels without generating any promising output. In future, keep an eye on internal and external activities to ensure the efficiency of your goals. Set the focus in your communication strategy — targeted and good!

What is a communication strategy?

Learn, how do you develop a communication strategy!

This is what the communication strategy workshop is all about

iniqee’s communication strategy workshop is all about teaching participants the essential basics and measures for successful corporate communication. The experienced specialists guide the participants through the analysis of the current situation, target groups, concepts, positioning and the selection of the right steps and communication channels. The workshop offers practical training and a guide to using strategic communication in a targeted manner and driving the success of the organization or brand. Participants will learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, effectively address their target groups and take the right steps to achieve their communication goals.

Analysis - What information do I want?

Analysis - What information do I want?

In the analysis phase, you build up the communication strategy. Essential data is recorded and summarized. Existing problems and tasks become visible. Using suitable tools, you will learn how to skillfully narrow down information.
Strategic corporate communications.What do I want to do?

Strategic corporate communications.What do I want to do?

Define. If you are now devoting yourself to your communication strategy, the first step is to define your goals. These are derived equally from corporate and marketing objectives.
Target groups - You have to address them!

Target groups - You have to address them!

Go for it? Not at all. You have to keep in mind that your focus must be specific to your target group. The communication strategy workshop gives you tips on how and who you can address optimally.
Positioning - If not us, then who

Positioning - If not us, then who

Keep it short and crisp. In the course of the communication strategy workshop, it will become clear to you where the company's USP lies.With coordinated communication messages, you determine what will be anchored in the minds of your target group.
The medium is the message

The medium is the message

Creating awareness is a major aspect. The iniqee specialists will present you with the most common media and a good concept for this.It is important to select the communication channels according to the objectives and target groups.The iniqee experts will help you to identify the right channels for your company and develop intelligent marketing measures or classic advertising to ensure maximum reach at low cost.This allows you to create a positive image and increase customer loyalty in the long term.

Just do it

Learn the basics of
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