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New ways and possibilities: web3.

The predecessor was still about designing and generating content. Now, content is evaluated by technical devices – the semantic web. Blockchain and crypto are indispensable concepts of this web-based change. As users, it is a matter of processing information that is unique in its individual meaning: Metadata. web3 exists through automated processes of information processing. Come and get onboard!

web3 – more specialized, more focused, more developed. A new internet age is dawning.

Higher, faster, further. Web3 can basically be described as the next level of the internet. It is an intelligence system that has emerged through structured selection. More data and information are being put online every day. The semantic web takes in, filters and processes. This makes it possible to return optimized and relevant sources to the user. Now you get a more forced output for your input – Learn more in the iniqee modules on Blockchain and Crypto. Understand and shape the next internet age!